Today’s Terrorism News

“Justice Dept. Faults Attack Readiness”  (NY Times)

“Ft. Hood shooting suspect solemn, quiet in hearing” (AP)

“Texas jury convicts Pakistani man of conspiring to support Taliban” (CNN)

“First hearing opens for Afghans detained by US” (AP)

“Mere Silence Doesn’t Invoke Miranda, Justices Say” (NY Times)

“Is Thompkins About Shahzad?” (Balkinization)

“Man arrested in Times Sq. probe fights deportation” (AP)

“Is Faisal Shahzad a ‘Hybrid Terrorist’?” (CBS Evening News)

“Bill Could Delay Efforts To Close Guantanamo Prison” (NPR)

“Five Reasons Guantanamo Won’t Close This Year ” (ABC News)

“Montreal Incident Points Up Continuing Gaps in ‘No Fly’ Rules” (Newsweek’s Declassified blog)

“Newest manned spy plane scores points in war effort ” (USA Today)

“The Truth About Drones” (Newsweek)

“Drone Wars” (Foreign Policy)

“Defense Bill Includes Cybersecurity Legislation” (National’s Tech Daily Dose blog)

News stories compiled by Maggie Reeb and the staff of the Center on Law and Security


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